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What is a Facebook Ad Spy Tool and Why Should I Care?

A Facebook Ad Spy Tool Allows you to search, filter, sort and save millions of ads that appear on the Facebook platform even if you are not part of the targeting for the ad. This gives you the ability to find ads that you would otherwise never see.

Having the ability to search, filter and sort all those Facebook Ads helps you to find ads that are trending so you can help clients get better results, launch your own products or create your own ad campaigns while riding viral trends.

So you can make money - without all the guesswork.

Premium Facebook Ad Spy Tool Features

Our Features Help You Find the Facebook Ads You Need Without The Hefty Price Tag.

Filter By Demographic

Use the advanced filters to find ads showing in certain countries, targeted at certain languages, down to specific age groups.

See Deleted / Archived Ads

Acquire the magical ability to see ads that have been removed from the Facebook Feed. We keep the creatives, ad text and everything for you to search.

Sort and Filter By Likes, Comments, Reactions

Declutter your search and only see Ads that are performing well.

Find and Learn About Competitors

Find out what their site is built on, filter by technologies and offers using keywords.

Filter By Dates And Find Trends

Don't get left behind. Find Ads trending recently. We update the database every single day to keep it fresh.

Advanced Keyword Matching

Our search engine let's you search with multiple words, and they don't have to be right next to each other or all in one place. Try it for yourself!

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